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PS1 / 2005

“SUR” – From the Beauty to the Beast
With the flair of a circus, the ambience of a play ground, this project activates affects and sensations. A mode of playful distraction and absorption is created as familiar spatial vibrations are stimulated through unfamiliar figures with emerging aesthetics that define a grotesque and horrific affect.

As circus flamboyance the space is intensified as mood and play, by means of contortion and exuberance, the space is dense and textured, the light is filtered but bright, the space is not loud but incisive, and disturbing.
In this sense, time does not exist, it is a kind of parallel situation.

A kind of technique approach.
The construction of genealogies of cells into organs…
Second, time is now, embedded in geometry, and ultimately in effects.
It has a kind of material quality…

The project functions in a way as a cinematic game: in a game there is no narrative, only active affects, and emergent grotesque esthetics and behaviors are in constant actualization… so let’s play…

Xefirotarch/ Hernan Diaz Alonso
Project Architect/Bryan Flaig
Project Designer/Mark Nagis
Project Team/Hunter Knight, Ben Toam, Chris Arntzen, Casey Rhem, Jee Hee Farris, Nicholas Pisca

Associate Construction Architect/Alexis Rochas
Executive Construction Architect/Timothy Rives Rash II
Construction Coordination/Jayson Christopher
Site Manager/Casey McSweeney
Fabric Coordination/Sunnie Joh
Job Captains/Robert Mezquiti, Tory Hasgawa, Eric Lilhanand, Casey Crawmer, Chris Kanipe, Carolyn Matsumoto, Lisa Schwert, Mirai Morita, Dong-Ping Wong, Jeff Chen
Construction Team/Jared Nash Olmsted, David Fano, Katie Mearns, Jonathon Morefield, Gaby Anker, Lauren Zuzack, Noriaki Hanaoka, Li Xu, Paul Yoo, Ben Porto, Ben Cohen, Dave Hood, Chris Chen, Owen Gherst, Serena Davis, Hunter Knight, Josh Taron, Paul Duston-Munoz, Montana Cherney, Jonah Wortman, Arnold Wu, June Hayatsu, Lionel Lambourn, Santino Medina, Kevin Regaldo, Moira Henry, Mo Chingying Lai, Ben Kohen, Greg Kay, Kirsten Moore, Elizabeth Marley, Katrina Slupinski, Lauren Rosenbloom, Chris Arntzen, Amiee Lee, Marina Topunova, Rain Wang, Dina Giordano, Jeremy Stoddart , Aaron Leppanen, , Brock Desmit, Naoko Miyano, Alex Webb, Cristina Milleur, Frauke Hormann, Trent Welcome, Steve Fuchs, Lili Dirks-Goodman, Blake Dane, Roberto Goyeneche

Fabrication+Prototyping/Sepctrum 3D, Drura Parrish, Gary Abraham, Scott Abraham
Engineering/Arup LA, Bruce Danziger
Paint Finish/Jorge Karmen, Joe Miran
Mist System Consultant/Mike DiMezza
Concrete/Brooklyn Ready Mix Corp.
Material Research/Lenix, Mark Hellrad, Scott Jewett
Metal Fabrication/Hypearc, M&K